Swimming Training

Swimming is a must have life skill. The coordinated movements within water can make an individual agile and strong whilst having fun. At Al Qemah, our swimming program is for all age groups from ages 3 and above. Based on each age group and the ability, our trainers ensure that there is a proper balance of fundamental movements and breathing techniques for survival under water.

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Football Training

Football or Soccer (as described in the west) is the world's most popular sport played by over 250 million players in at least 200 different countries. As the name suggests, it is a high intensity and energetic game that becomes nail biting for viewers. It is fun, strategy-driven and an agile sport that requires intense training and coaching.

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Gymnastics Training

Gymnastics is an sport of flexibility and fitness. It is known to increase body balance, body consciousness and awareness. Continuous training enhances strength when done especially from early years. Apart of the fitness benefits, it gives grace and cognitive benefits where trainees learn to visualize their stunts before they perform the same.

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Basketball Training

Al Qemah's Basketball program is not a normal fitness and fun program. It welcomes individuals to use their energy to develop into a full-fledged basketball player. Our programs are designed for different age groups who learn to capture different techniques, skills and tricks at each level.

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About the trainer


Samer Aouiti

Swimming instructor

I have been swimming since I was a child and have always loved being in the water. I love swimming so much that I decided to become a swimming coach I began teaching swim lessons and have continued to do so for the past several years. I teach swimming because I think it is a very important skill to have. I am an outgoing and friendly person. As an instructor, I am nurturing and patient, especially with beginner students, I will ease their fears and encourage them to try new tasks and have fun while learning. I will push them to improve their swimming abilities so that they can reach their goals. I teach technique before speed and endurance and make sure that my students know survival skills, which I believe are crucial, before perfecting strokes so that they can be safe in the water. I also make sure that my students can perform one task before moving on to the next so that they do not become overwhelmed. I encourage parents to communicate with me about their child’s progress and/or goals that they would like their child to meet.